Art Work / Technical Tips

At AFB, we are more than happy to work with you by taking your original concept and producing finished artwork for you to approve.


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Supplying Artwork

If you are sending artwork that is ready to use, we would ask that it is in one of the following formats:
  •  AI
  •  PDF
  •  EPS

If supplying a .AI or .EPS file, please ensure that all typefaces/fonts used are fully outlined/converted to curves.

If supplying a .PDF, please ensure that the image is 100% Black.

PLEASE NOTE: JPEGS are not suitable, we may be able to use these depending on resolution but please enquire first.

Technical Tips

Please use these tips as guidlines as they help us to produce the best quality result for your project.

  •  Allow a minimum 25mm from grip and lay edge to foil area
  •  Up to SRA3 put the grip edge at the head of the sheet and lay to the right edge
  •  Above SRA3 the lay edge to be the left edge
  •  Do not reverse out the areas to be foilblocked. Foil is opaque and will cover over the ink.